Teaching Artistic Behavior…it’s a WOW!

    These documents were created after reading about Teaching Artistic Behavior.  In my first six weeks of exploring (and loving) this method, my students have explored in drawing and painting.  As we approach Portfolio week, we will analyze their work and have goal setting conversations.  These two documents will help students reflect on theContinue reading “Teaching Artistic Behavior…it’s a WOW!”

The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!

Hello artsaysthat subscribers, I’m writing to share The Porch Project as my final artwork at the Corcoran College of Art and Design to be completed April 2014. The Porch Project started to emerge in my very first graduate course.  Throughout the program I have learned to apply personal meaning into my work the value inContinue reading “The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!”

Site Specific Art: Shelter

This video documents my recent assignment to create a site specific work of art.  I loved this experience because it involved the outdoors, using color and space.  In the experience I discovered that it also pattern, texture and sound.  When I was underneath I felt protected.  Sitting under the center reminded me of playing inContinue reading “Site Specific Art: Shelter”