Survival, and music is the medicine

Survival in Art.  A theme that I had not thought about quite yet, although a couple of ‘pings’ shot through my mind.  First, I  pondered my interpretations:  Survival as an artist.  Who survives as an artist?  Who is only able to survive as an artist?  Are they surviving as an artist?  My mind felt likeContinue reading “Survival, and music is the medicine”

“The Three: Art, Music and Fashion”

In the first semester of attending the Corcoran College of Art and Design, I have been subconsciously making connections of ‘why we do what we do’, ‘think what we think’ and ‘say what we say’. The process has allowed me to learn more about my identity and have been thinking about how Art, Music andContinue reading ““The Three: Art, Music and Fashion””

School Sculptures with Kevin Reese

Kevin Reese motivates communities across the country as a resident artist.  In designing a permanent sculpture,   participants experience creativity, teamwork and collaboration of ideas.  Check out to find out about Kevin Reese bringing the power of art to your community!  This artsaysthat communities are brought together by meaningful and relevant experiences in ArtContinue reading “School Sculptures with Kevin Reese”