Assessment examples

These examples of assessments were created by Art Teachers in the class in Assessment in Art.  We had a great time looking over assessments across the country and crafting assessments based off of lessons we currently use.  We found that designing our own assessments gathered more information about our student learning than a standardizedContinue reading “Assessment examples”

Narrative Art

4th Narrative Assessment click here to see follow up questions students answer in completion of assignment This Narrative Art lesson has been one of my favorites!  In the past we have used The Phillips Collection Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series to teach students the impact and unity of using the repetition of line, color andContinue reading “Narrative Art”

Blogging Assignment

Blogging with Students In our blogging class, that was so much fun and helpful to have classmates and leadership that motivated important thinking to get started, our last assignment was to create a lesson around Blogging with Students.  I hadn’t thought about that so much yet, let alone blogging for my profession at the time,Continue reading “Blogging Assignment”

Blogging for Students: A Teaching Tool

Reflections on Student Blogging.  What would they learn and WHY would we use blogging?  I think it is important to tap into the productive benefits of blogging, keep our students updated with technology and bring them as much success as possible by communicating about Art in every possible way! Self-assessment:  Students could upload a photoContinue reading “Blogging for Students: A Teaching Tool”