30 Americans at the Corcoran

This October a new exhibit is coming to the Corcoran! 30 Americans will focus on identity: “30 Americans focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture”.  An assignment in one of my graduate classes involved responding to 12 categories within our own identity:  Race, Gender, Religion, Geographical, Family, Age, Economic, Political,Continue reading “30 Americans at the Corcoran”

Loving the “Lines” at the Corcoran this week!

These are the kinds of lines I’m talking about as we start ART next week!!  So great to see the history of Line used by American Artist’s to break up the space of huge canvases.  In just a short period of time at graduate student orientation, I literally walked by these huge great compositions usingContinue reading “Loving the “Lines” at the Corcoran this week!”