Mandalas…the secret “horse whisperer”!!

In my Art Therapy course at the Corcoran, we are reading a text that suggests the drawing of Mandalas is a grounding experience over a period of time. My fifth and third grade (with a little encouragement) have found this to be true! I decided to start Mandalas during two different heightened transition times. For 3rd, the Mandalas channel them when they come to art right after play practice and for 5th, Mandalas calm them down after recess.
We have done them for 3 weeks now. They arrive at the door and we greet each other. Sketchbooks are out, I play music and give them 10 minutes. Some adjust quickly and can not wait, a few remind me;) “oh Ms Byrne, we’ve done this” and then there are two that get in to Mandalas the most but say “this is stupid, what a waste of time”.
I sing right by them “keep your negative comments to yourself, it’s ok for you to hate it, gotta song request?!!”
They have really had some raised eyebrows when they ask me what they are supposed to do and I just reply “oh, just what that inner voice is telling you”
Im excited to compare the series of them to see if the Mandalas change in imagery and color or perhaps have similarities. Overall, students have risen to the occasion! This start to art has made gathering students for an intro/demo to the art lesson of the day much smoother by starting with Mandalas.







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One thought on “Mandalas…the secret “horse whisperer”!!

  1. This is really a neat idea. The comments you posted from the different kids….oh, I can see that happening with my students! So true! But a great idea and one I may incorporate into my classes. My kids are noisy coming into art and hard to settle down either because they are transitioning from another class or they are just plain excited to be there. So having the “calming” effect of the mandalas is a great way to gain focus.

    Thanks for sharing!

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