“Make It or Break It: Coffee Mug” #2

Moving from anywhere is an adjustment and there were great things going our way, even though we were missing DC. One of the hard things was my new job. The scene took a big toll on my spirit professionally. The pay cut was crippling. I truly lost my identity in this place and felt totally lost. Every man was for himself. I did learn in the first year that I was not alone. There were many hurdles in the conditions that I could not control and on top of that communication that was zilch with those above teachers.

Our new home kept me looking forward. My side of the family is southern, so they were visiting frequently. I wanted to get some new coffee mugs and was floored to hear that a store was here called Hobby Lobby. So I went straight there after school. In DC once you found a parking spot after work you never left so a free standing shop with a lot and being able to park at home was a score. These coffee mugs hit the right spot being simple and they only had five. While washing one I broke it in our old run down sink, so things like that could make me cry easily. I called Hobby Lobby headquarters, texted image to sales rep and they sent a set of four from Oklahoma. In that state of mind (rather than a peaceful “Dear Lord”) I said, ”I swear to God if they can’t find those damn coffee mugs it’s make it or break it and we are getting the hell out of here.”

Process: The Painters Secret Guide to Geometry arrived today, so I was excited to apply some composition lines, but honestly think I’m not doing something right or perhaps matrix is better for larger compositions. This is just a little coffee mug study.

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Teaching studio art and online education. Embracing my new surroundings and exploring new challenges that develop my skills and pursue my interests. Thank you for stopping by artsaysthat!

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