Diet Coke #11 “Black Rock Mountain”

The appreciation for a Diet Coke mostly one a day has been revived by moving to sultry Savannah. On the day trips to Black Rock Mountain in Clayton Georgia for picnics Grandma would put a two liter of soda in the basket. I remember being so hot and thirsty, but she would not let us have one because it would ”fill up our belly”. The coke was good to cool off, but also to wash down these creepy pineapple sandwiches with mayo. We had other choices like fried chicken, sliced tomatoes and Lays chips, but needed that coke for sure. I laid off soda for years in DC, but now in Georgia, I just love it some days after school in this heat.

To paint the Diet Coke I chose to just paint the two colors that I look for on the aisle of a bounty of soda choices.

Process: Elkins encourages to look at objects closely to break down the parts. To achieve the shiny aluminum, I used spray paint and then masking tape to get a clean red stripe.

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